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Our Story

Light up the dance floor with Fuego shoes.

Fuego officially launched in 2019 with a mission to make the world your dance floor.

Traditional dance shoes have a few fundamental flaws: 1) they can't be worn outdoors, creating the inconvenience of having to carry around two pairs of shoes; 2) men's dance shoe styles are formal and outdated; 3) ladies' dance heels are uncomfortable for long hours of dancing.

After exploring the salsa and bachata scenes of New York City and São Paulo, I realized a need for a simple, fashionable, and comfortable dance sneaker. It became apparent that dancers across geographies and dance styles all wanted something similar. You shouldn't have to choose between dance shoes and everyday shoes. And you shouldn't have to choose between fashion and function. With Fuego, you don't have to.

Dancing isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. You deserve shoes that can keep up.

- Kevin Weschler